Abandoned chemical Nazi-factory (English)

Wanna check out this place ? Sent a message with your request to Ran Groetjes (FB-Messenger)  and get the GPS-coordinats.

Abandoned since 1999 and falling into disrepair, the Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf resembles a post-apocalyptic world, just outside of Berlin.  After a short walk along the railway track over the riverbridge we were not prepared for the sheer vastness of this abandoned place, it loomed before us surrounded in razor-sharp wire, like something out of a zombie movie.


The history of the factory dates back to 1899 starting its life with “CO Wegener” a company which built a cement plant at this location. This was a strategic choice given that the industrial processing of quicklime and cement was carried out in the nearby Rüdersdorf. During World War II the site was then used by the Nazis for the production of synthetic bauxite used in the process of aircraft production. Germany was almost entirely dependent on Hungary and Yugoslavia for bauxite during the war and the British attempted to stop the bauxite trade by sending undercover agents in, however, this did not go to plan. As with many buildings in East Berlin, the Soviets dismantled the plant after the war, then in 1950, it was used to make animal feed and other farming materials.IMG_7097

There are several buildings to explore and this at site you cab climb to dizzying new heights. If you suffer from Vertigo or a fear of heights then this might not be the location for you. Climbing up the exposed concrete stairways to the top of the eight-story-high silo tanks is not for the faint-hearted – especially when there are large holes in the floor that would have you fall straight through to the bottom (not to mention the gap between the stairs and the floor that you have to jump over).IMG_7117

The roofing is quite unstable so I would not recommend walking on it, but if you fancy making across this rickety bridge then be my guest. Just remember if you are on German health insurance you most likely will not be covered…IMG_7107

Items are left in disarray as if there was a swift evacuation, chemical bottles fill rooms and meticulously handwritten documents are scattered throughout the ruins.  The factory has been used for several movies including ‘Enemy at the Gates’ and ‘The Monuments Men’. I can see why – the beauty and epic presence of these buildings is nothing short of cinematic.IMG_7092

Plans to make something out of the location were rejected,  and the thick reinforced concrete and enormous contaminated sites put many companies off furthering these proposals. Now it is just left to nature and the outcasts of society. As with any urban exploration, I urge you to not destroy or vandalise anything, it ruins the experience for others and often makes these places more off limits then they already are due to security. Remeber our credo: take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footsteps.IMG_7115IMG_7121IMG_7094


Disclaimer: I never claimed that I visited this place. Nor did I advise or force anyone to visit this place. Entering such buildings is prohibited and can be punished with high fines or in some countries you may be fined with a prison sentence.

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