Eating Kings crab in Bergen

Day 6: our last day of this short roadtrip. We arrived in Bergen and decided to go to the fish market and eat some Kings crab. Red king crabs can be very large, reaching a leg span of 1.8 m and weight up to 15 kg.

IMG_7381.jpg The living animals have a brown-burgundy color, the red color results from being cooked.IMG_7382.jpgThe king crab was introduced artificially by the Soviet Union into the Murmansk Fjord during the 1960s to provide new, valuable catch for Soviet fishermen.IMG_2395.jpgIMG_7387.jpgIn the North Sea it is an invasive species and its population is increasing tremendously. it has spread westwards along the Norwegian coast and also northwards up to Svalbard. The average temperature of the water for general survival of the crab is between 4°C and 10°C.Schermafbeelding 2018-09-19 om 22.13.22.pngIMG_7385.jpgIMG_7367.jpgIMG_7370.jpgIMG_7384.jpg

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