Into the Glacier, Ice Cave in Langjokull



ÞINGVELLIR NP, where America meets Europe

Gullfoss waterfall



Into the Glacier, Ice Cave in Langjokull

On a foggy day I went to explore the inside of a glacier. A converted German rocket launcher drove us all the way up the glacier. Approximately in the middle of the glacier there was a hole in the ground: the entrance to the glacier. Behind this was a path down. I went completely under the ice! It is an incredible experience and offers a unique perspective to see glacial landscapes and processes as well as witnessing first-hand the affects and consequences of global warming. As you walk deeper into the tunnel system on a guided tour, you will be able to see how the age of the ice varies as the colour changes from white to deep-blue. The blue ice is far from the only attraction to see though so witness how the glacier has evolved by exploring its deep crevasses, moulins (glacier mills), ice layers and the different types of snow and ice.IMG_9702.jpegAfbeeldingsresultaat voor into the glacier langjökullIce cave in Iceland deep tunnelGerelateerde afbeeldingAfbeeldingsresultaat voor into the glacier langjökull

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