Chapel of the Sick

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Urbex. Chapel of the Sick (abandoned hospital).

A hospital which closed a short time ago. A mortuary, kitchen, bedrooms, nice entrance, staff-rooms, ER’s, a lot of instruments, X-ray photos, art-collection on the wall and a real chapel with creepy paitings where the people were praying for the dead…..1375B98B-9378-46A0-B34E-1BC35790D1375C5FA5CD-ECDB-4C48-A53E-95E9EEC72017BBBA8DCA-4F1F-48F0-929A-83C4B98E40F1F20BDC08-D8FC-4AFC-BA60-8CAE4E8CA52F098B32BC-4B88-4A04-A0DD-CDEE080DD58E0C659CB0-A395-465B-BC0C-B37C2EB62D7116806F2D-73C8-4A1D-BEE5-47045BADA7C4

Disclaimer: I never claimed that I visited this place. Nor did I advise or force anyone to visit this place. Entering such buildings is prohibited and can be punished with high fines or in some countries you may be fined with a prison sentence.

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