Ghosttown Kolmanskop

Kolmanskop is a ghosttown in the southwest of Namibia.  In Namibia you can not escape the German colonial history of the country. Everywhere in the country you can still find typical German konditoreien where they speak to you in perfect German. The German settlers settled in Kolmanskop when precious diamonds were found here in 1908. A German got his advice from his doctor this year to look for fresh sea air. That would be better for his asthma.B88D8C9B-D016-4568-B8E1-54C709B5AC72.jpeg He moved months later to German south-west Africa (now Namibia). He was put to work at the track and had to keep 20 km of rails free of sand. This track runs through the dunes and the wind ensures that the sand comes on the rails. 56B6FE17-CFFB-447B-B493-4591063F04BA.jpeg During such a swipe action he saw some sparkle on his shovel. When he looked closer, it turned out to be a diamond. Together with a partner he bought a piece of land and started digging. Bingo! The diamond rush had begun. 41C4EC55-26CA-4CB1-8796-C77A3F5F1293.jpegHe founded a village; Kolmanskop. In the heyday the village housed more than 700 families. When the diamond price fell at the end of the first world war, an exodus followed and soon the last inhabitants left. A ghost town was born. ADD0569A-4EDB-447E-9B18-AC2EAB8FE270.jpegThe swinging doors of the historic casino give Kolmanskop a ghostly appearance. If you close your eyes and you look back 100 years in time you see the horses galloping through the long shopping street, you see people dancing in the dance hall, people wanting to gamble in the casino and seductive looking whores behind the window.62585EEE-EEB6-4B94-A056-DDC620BA970F.jpeg But now the hot desert sand blows straight into the houses through the once beautiful main street. We moved from house to house. There was even a hospital. 1B9C73B0-CB0F-43C4-9FBB-D21CCE6E0A14.jpegEverywhere masses of sand behind the doors. Above the doorpost was written who had lived in the house: the doctor, the dentist, the baker, the butcher, etc. 1D4FF55E-0319-4190-B6C1-4F2FA5A71D0C304DB365-67EF-4ACB-9EA0-28F051446F7FI even found an old bottle that contained Vaseline in those times. It said: Chesebrouch New York. After doing some research on the internet, the bottle originally came from 1920. Cheers ! This is amazing !  After Pripjat, Chernobyl, this is the coolest ghosttown I have ever been to.


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