The Hillbilly Car Club

What a wonderful feeling it must have been to be able driving around in this type of car in the 1950s. And here in this hidden secret place these gems are just getting old. Brotherly side by side. Nobody is looking for them. The location was perfect. Easy to enter. We were just 5 minutes inside when we heard a soft voice. A female photographer from Los Angeles had also heard of this place and was shooting some pictures just like we did. But she thought she had been caught by the owner and had hidden herself very well. Later this day at another location we were less fortunate and were arrested by the police in Luik. Interested in visiting this place ? Write this in a comment below this article.01A0569E-47AD-4854-A0EA-5A4B47CA3F3AB5D38EB8-02A4-4D02-8ACF-5C5CF623B8D9D88CDD09-7B17-48B9-8A05-1EE2917EF6BB4F466325-2124-4968-8954-49A0FE7164EC61FF2643-4A9C-42B4-8373-91430006B65D140AA0F4-9FFC-4D5A-82E8-23CD038A77E41B9422D9-A508-4098-B885-B444464170179B39B64A-2199-4E78-A95E-08D5F96EEE1663A5158B-A15E-4CAD-92AD-7D000E05543D

Disclaimer: I never claimed that I visited this place. Nor did I advise or force anyone to visit this place. Entering such buildings is prohibited and can be punished with high fines or in some countries you may be fined with a prison sentence.

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