Cutting my hair all over the world


In 2019 Cutaly cut my hair at the Phi Phi-islands, Thailand for 8 dollars.
I went to the hairdresser on the Maramba market in Livingstone, Zambia 2018. The trimmer cable was stuck together with adhesive tape. Before the barber shaved my neck, my neck was disinfected with turpentine.
We visited the local hairdresser in Otjiwarongo, Namibia 2019. His fellow hairdresser asked Angelica if she wanted to help in braiding fake hair into a client’s hair.
Cut my hair by this Kazachstan lad in Siberia,Russia
This redheaded hairdresser cut my hair in Napier, New Zealand 
Lisa cut my hair for 5 euros in Bucharest Romania
This awesome guy Rick from Kuching cut my hair in Langkawi, Malaysia
Schermafbeelding 2019-12-12 om 20.26.56.png

This Syrian guy cuts my hair every month in Sittard, Netherlands

John from India cut my hair for 1,10 euro in Oman
Ghanaian and Pakistani hairdressers in downtown, Dubai. The owner said I didn’t have to pay for my haircut but I just paid. Nobody has to work for nothing

2 gedachten over “Cutting my hair all over the world

    1. Ja heel leuk. In Afrika kunnen ze niet eens met een schaar knippen. Logisch ook met dat kroeshaar. Ik werd helemaal met een tondeuse geschoren 😂


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