Vertigo and Moon bar, Bangkok

C6C66B78-501D-4076-8442-C56B28F4223EThis night we had a reservation in the Vertigo and Moon bar but we had totally overslept. The taxidriver drove us with high speed to this bar, because we did not want to miss out place at the bar. The Banyan Tree is a renown landmark in Bangkok with most TukTuk and taxis using it as a reference point. The Vertigo and Moon Bar on top of the Bangan Tree gave us a stunning view of the city with a variety of cocktails. Angelica chose a Cosmopolitain and I ordered a bottle of beer (of course).7A7184E6-9935-4B41-8F72-ED0248E75703The Vertigo and Moon Bar was worth experiencing and when we return to Bangkok we will try again to get out on that rooftop and drink in beautiful Bangkok by night – even in the rain. Cheers🍺🍹🍸4C0D4BA8-0D6E-494F-B022-E9F1F95E8D9A7C3FFD2C-2C60-4C22-8FFC-B88F300B90E37B7035AC-52DB-4720-A87F-7699FE83D9A63314AA4D-90EA-4671-90E8-6B36F6589EA01EEF87C0-9777-42A0-826C-D042F83BC5F8F65BDA95-C639-4D7E-A2BC-001FA30F78DA

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