Skydeck, the Bayleaf Intramuros Manila

After arriving in Manila the capital of the Philippines Angelica and I decided to hang out at the Sky deck view bar at the Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros Manila. We were actually hoping to watch the sunset at the place but we were not able to do so since we left our hostel very late. Upon arriving at the bar, we were surprised to notice that there were lots of people dining and hanging out at the place considering it was a weekday night. You will get an awesome view of the Manila skyline and you can also enjoy star gazing while having drinks and chatting with friends. We were supposed to just order drinks but we decided to try the menu as well. The average prize is about 12 euros. We can definitely recommend this bar to all of our friends. When you are in Manila: just walk in this nice place !33D44943-8443-4339-BFF3-33C0492D6F3069FE6F20-EE5F-4E4E-AFA1-B4411CCE2EA99FF85496-C4E0-48BB-AA6D-28DACCE3882Bhomepage-banner-intramuros

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