Abandoned Hospital Kaliumcyanid

Wanna check out this place ? Sent a message with your request to Ran Groetjes (FB-Messenger)  and get the GPS-coordinats.

In this former East German clinic we found a bottle with a white crystalline solid (look very closely at the label of the right bottle). On the bottle was written: Kaliumcyanid. But I only noticed this when I was at home viewing my photos at my Imac. I immediately called the police to warn them about this extremely toxic substance. Adolf Hitler committed suicide with this poison. That white powder that you see on the picture is enough to kill 250 people. My friend Erik and me were very lucky here.


Disclaimer: I never claimed that I visited this place. Nor did I advise or force anyone to visit this place. Entering such buildings is prohibited and can be punished with high fines or in some countries you may be fined with a prison sentence.



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