When nature strikes back in Chernobyl

In this photo serie I try to take a photo in exactly the same position as the photographer stood before the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl (1986). You see how mercilessly nature struck back. Apartment buildings are overgrown by trees and shrubs, traffic lights are covered by trees, busy streets are now as narrow as a sidewalk. You have to look very closely to see a point of recognition. We succeeded. You too ? Have fun ! 🙂

Ferriswheel Pripyat Amusement Park 1985/2019

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-24 om 18.16.43 2

Reactor 4 in 2013/2019

Processed with MOLDIV
Me at reactor 4 in 2013/2019. It was possible to take the same picture because the authorities did not allow me to cross the street.


View over the mainsquare. At the background Hotel Polessye 1984/2019.

Hotel Polessye

Hotel Polessye 1984/2019. This hotel is one of the highest buildings in Pripyat.

DC “Energetic”

Lenina avenue from DC “Energetic”

Busstation 1982/2019

Busstation 1982/2019

Pripyat sign at the entrance of the city 1986/2019

Couples in love at the Pripyat sign at the entrance of the city 1986/2019

Kurchatova street Pripjat 1976/2019

Kurchatova street Pripjat 1976/2019

Postoffice Pripjat 1982/2019

Postoffice Pripjat 1982/2019

KBO (Kombinat Bitovovo Obsluzhivaniya) 1985/2019

KBO (Kombinat Bitovovo Obsluzhivaniya) 1985/2019. Consumer Services Building. This building would house several different consumer services.

Palace of Culture Energetik 1982/2019

Palace of Culture Energetik 1982/2019. Palaces of Culture were community center type places commonly found in Soviet cities. They often had a pool, theater, gym and other similar facilities.

Swimming Pool Azure

Swimming Pool Azure (look at the traffic lights)

Fluvial Port 1985/2019

Swimming Pool Azure (look at the traffic lights)
Fluvial Port 1985/2019

A department store

A department store at Druzby Narodiv street

Postoffice Pripjat 1982/2019

Postoffice Pripjat 1982/2019

The symbol of the city

The symbol of the city. The authorities took it away from the cinema Prometey and gave it a new spot

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  1. Hallo Ran,
    Ik kwam op facebook jou site tegen en bij deze zou ik graag een volledige brochure willen aanvragen van de reis die je aanbiedt naar Tschernobyl.
    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Tom Jakobs

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