50 grappige plaatsnamen





Women cannot wear both a mouth mask and a bra, so:
Free the titty, protect the city,
Free the breast, protect the rest 🙌🏻

















Auw bei Prüm



England (Germany)




Horní Lideč (German: Ober Litsch) is a Czech municipality in the Zlín region, and is part of the Vsetín district. Horní Lideč has 1447 inhabitants. There is nothing else to do in Horní Lideč.


Vrede means “peace” in Dutch. It’s a little settlement in Namibia where we passed by with our 4×4.


In this little French town:”Cover your stump before you hump”. You don’t see many children in this town.


Humor is a little settlement in Namibia. They do not have the money to buy a sign. So they take a tire and paint the name of the village on it.


Finally set up a threesome tonight. Two people couldn’t make it, but I still got a good time. Be careful driving into town, as tourists are known to stop by the roadside to take pictures of their Orgy experience.


Mike Tyson gives you a signature and asks were you live. Be aware of your answer ! 300 people live in a Pussy.

Kut way (kut means cunt in Dutch)

In this street you can get your hair done. I did. Looked really “kut”.

Domme (means “stupid person” in Dutch)

In this French town the average IQ is 119. Strange.

La Biche

La Biche is just a little town in France and you pronounce the village like ” Bitche”. In this village 89% is female.


Anus had just 19 households. You have to wait for six hours for a bus passes by in Anus.

Poepershoek (means “shitcorner” in Dutch)

Poepershoek is a hamlet in the municipality of Steenwijkerland, in the Dutch province of Overijssel. There is nothing to do in Poepershoek.Poepershoek


Amen is a village in the Dutch province of Drenthe. Approximately 100 people live in Amen (in 2019). For a long time Amen was no more than a few farms. The school that opened in 1819 was demolished again in 1853 due to lack of students. The cooperative dairy was also short-lived, from 1903 to 1913. The largest number of inhabitants was Amen just after the Second World War, when the village had 147 inhabitants. They don’t have a church in Amen.Amen


Bathmen is a small village in the Dutch province of Overijssel. 5650 people are living in this town.  There are no bat caves of movie theaters in Bathmen.Bathmen

Goor (means “extreem dirty” in Dutch)

Goor is a town in the Overijssel province in the Netherlands. The Eternit factory was located in Goor, which in the past incorporated asbestos in its products. The company was able to collect free asbestos waste for a long time, for example to use it for hardening yards and country roads. Pretty “goor” …Goor

Hoerejacht (means “whore hunt” in Dutch)

The ‘Hoerejacht’ in Enkhuizen has been chosen by the listeners of the BNN radio program ‘Wout’ on 3FM as ‘Ugliest street name in the Netherlands’. The Brommie and Tommiestraat in Almere and the Slettenhaarsweide in Nijverdal ended at number 2 and number 3.



Rectum is a hamlet in the Dutch province of Overijssel. On January 1, 2010, it had 370 inhabitants. In this village they speak a separate dialect and it can be very smelly.Rectum


A lot of Beer and Sex in this 1715 soul-counting village in Friesland the NetherlandsSexbierum

Slettenhaarsweide (means “slut hair meadow” in Dutch)

In December 2005 “Hoerejacht” was heard by the listeners of the BNN radio program Wout! chosen as ‘Ugliest Street Name in the Netherlands’ on 3FM. The Brommy and Tommystraat in Almere and the Slettenhaarsweide in Nijverdal ended at number 2 and number 3.Slettenhaarsweide


People with heavy beards pay double in this Swiss cable car.

Kuttingerweg (kut means cunt in Dutch)


Rott is een van de oorspronkelijk zeven ‘rotten’ (buurtschappen) van het Zuid-Limburgse dorp Vijlen, dat in de Nederlandse gemeente Vaals ligt. Rott bestaat uit een dertigtal huizen aan één lange, glooiende straat die dezelfde naam draagt. De buurtschap ligt ten westen van Vijlen, en ten westnoordwesten van Vaals. Het Vijlenerbos ligt ten zuiden van Rott.

Kuttekoven (kut means cunt in Dutch)

Kuttekoven is a small village in the Belgian province of Limburg. The village had 80 inhabitants in 2006. In the Dutch language we say: “in this village is géén kut to do”.

Farts dempere

Means in Norway : lower your speed !

Sletten centre Norway

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